Extra information about barn wedding

Among the most picturesque weddings, barn weddings rank at the top. They are also unique and give you a chance to bring out your best side. Besides this, the reception, photo session and after party can take place in the same location which is not only cost effective but also logistically convenient for you and your guests. These benefits make barn weddings a popular option but planning them can be an uphill task.

Extra information about barn wedding

The d├ęcor

A barn presents you with an opportunity to use resources creatively. Decorations could be drawn from farm objects. This can also be mixed with modern and contemporary decorations to have a unique set up. The more creative you are about your decorations the better the end result and your wedding photos will be a force to reckon with.


Usually, a modern wedding venue in urban areas will provide the furniture and the cutlery required for the ceremony. However, when planning for a barn wedding, you may have to hire the furniture and cutlery independently. You may also need to add on to the lighting and air conditioning of the barn to make it more appealing. Depending on the location and what the purpose of the barn, you may need to fumigate it before it can be used for the wedding. All these items may increase your budget and should be put into consideration from the beginning.

Accessibility and security

Most barns may be located in remote areas of a state. For this reason, it is essential to visit the barn beforehand to determine its accessibility in different seasons especially the rainy season and security during the night. This ensures that you choose the barn that is most accessible and secure for your wedding. It also ensures that you make adequate preparations for the weather and security.

Dress code

A barn wedding requires creativity when it comes to the dress code especially for the ladies. The shoes and clothes should be comfortable to allow the guests to enjoy the wedding. High heeled shoes could be replaced with comfortable wedges or flat shoes where possible.


Even after fumigation, it is possible for a few bugs to remain. In addition to this, the venue may be prone to mosquitoes and other insects. To enhance the comfort of your guests, you can provide ointments that can be applied to repel these bugs especially in the evening.


Are there sound or noise restrictions in the area? Do you need special permits for the wedding? It is always essential to counter check this before the wedding day to avoid inconveniences. You may assume that the remoteness of the are exempts you from such rules but you are better off confirming this with the local authorities.